With so many natural disasters already wreaking havoc across the country, the arrival of hurricane season can make you and your loved ones feel uneasy about summer. At Legacy Home Health Care, we’re dedicated to helping your loved ones remain safely at home, living independent, full lives. One way to ensure that independence is by properly preparing for natural disasters. According to the National Hurricane Center, 2024 is expected to have a higher-than-usual number of named and damaging storms.

Instead of waiting until disaster strikes, plan ahead by answering a few simple questions:

1. How will you communicate with your loved ones?
– Do you have the proper charging devices in place?
– Do you have a backup power source for recharging items like cell phones?

2. How will you care for your pets?
– Do you have extra food and water sources?
– Do you have a pet-friendly alternate housing or shelter plan?

3. Have you secured transportation in case you need to evacuate?

4. Have you packed an Emergency Supply Kit?

5. Do you have a way to quickly and safely transport any assistive devices that you need for daily living?

6. Do you have extra copies of your Medicaid, Medicare, and insurance cards?

Some other important things to consider are:

  • Give at least one person in your support network an extra key to your home. Ensure this person knows where you keep your emergency supplies, how to use lifesaving equipment, and how to administer your medication.
  • Switch to electronic payments for Social Security or other federal benefits to ensure you receive any benefits you depend upon without interruption. This can be more reliable than receiving checks in the mail. To learn more about how to go paperless, visit the Government Go Direct website.

Planning ahead with these steps can help secure the safety and well-being of you and your loved ones during hurricane season. To learn about some of the specific ways that Legacy Home Health Care can assist in safety and preparedness, check out our Pathways to Independence program by clicking below.

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